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We run workshops with various women’s group to raise awareness and gain more insight into the themes associated with the shows we do.

Feedback from Jo Collins

“Together Women Projects (TWP) supports women experiencing multiple needs, disadvantages and exclusion. TWP can help women make positive changes by providing the support and advice they need in a women only environmnet. Speak Women Speak (SWS) approached TWP with an idea to deliver a confidence building workship to TWP. The confidence building workshop would use drama to review current confidence levels with a view to self-confidence at the end of the week workshop.

The workshop idea and weekly components were all organised and delivered in an inclusive and fun way. SWS were punctual, professional and reliable, traits which are required and absolutely necessary, to build a trust based relationship with vulnerable women. There was a group of women who attended the first session and were soon hooked, turning up weekly to take part in the workshop, which is an testament to SWS approach as the women accessing the workshop live chaotic lives which makes keeping regular appointments difficult.

The women involved in the workshop stated, when asked, that they really enjoyed the singing as it made them feel uplifted; related to the story behind the performance and enjoyed working with their peers to deliver a performance; all women reported to have increased confidence as a result and stated that this was supported by “getting to know” the workshop deliverers so that a trust based relationship was formed enabling them to become involved without worrying about their usual inhibitions. In short it’s a big thanks to SWS from the women access TWP services.”

We have also have a long working relationship with WAST (Women Asylum Seeker Together) based in Harehills, Leeds.

Jo Collins

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