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Its Carnival

Its Carnival is a comedic tale about three women getting ready for Leeds West Indian Carnival. Bernie hates Carnival so her friends Ali and Nas try to convince her to go. Will she give in and go? or will she miss out this year? This empowering story of love, loss and friendship will take you on a journey of past, present, and future. With an exciting soundtrack from the sounds of carnival, you will surely enjoy this vibrant show.

Speak Woman Speak



We questioned what globally connects us as women and this led us onto the first ideas where we talked about loss and the effect that this can have...


Unknown is a piece that allowed three artists from different backgrounds: Spanish, Zimbabwean and English-Kittian to come together and experiment...

Soledad & Betto

Leeds-based female artist collective, Speak Woman Speak is to bring the stories of two women from different worlds to life. Using the real facts from the stories of Soledad..

what people say


“Together Women Projects (TWP) supports women experiencing multiple needs, disadvantages and exclusion. TWP can help women make positive changes by providing the support and advice they need in a women only environmnet. Speak Women Speak (SWS) approached TWP with an idea to deliver a confidence building workship to TWP. The confidence building workshop would use drama to review current confidence levels with a view to self-confidence at the end of the week workshop.

Jo Collins

Who we are

Speak Woman Speak was born out of speaking and listening a lot with cups of coffee and tea. After exchanging our diverse backgrounds and heritage we felt empowered and we thought it would be great a way to empower other women and men. We are interested in using theatre as a platform to shout out our political stance. Speak Woman Speak is an all female Leeds based theatre collective. We make devised work highlighting hidden stories about women from diverse backgrounds.

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